How Do You Clean Coffee Stains From Carpet in Superior, CO 80027?


How Do You Clean Coffee Stains Out of Carpet?  by Ken Strid, Cleancare of Boulder.

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You can successfully clean coffee stains out of your carpet.  Unfortunately, coffee  and tannin stain removers used by professionals are not available to most people at your neighborhood store.  However, you can clean coffee stains out of carpet with cleaning products that you probably already have in your home.  For other carpet stains, check out my handy Stain Removal Chart.

Products you will need:  Ivory liquid, Ammonia, soft tap water and “Oxy Clean.”

Tools you will need:  Spray bottle(s), metal spoon, white terry cloth hand towels (cleaning rags) and nylon brush.

How to Clean Coffee Stains Out of Carpet:

TEST, TEST, TEST!  Always be sure the cleaning product you are using on your carpet will not make your stain issue even worse.  Some carpet fibers react differently with different cleaning products.  You might even see color loss in your carpet after you use a product on the stain.  To test a cleaning product, apply it in an inconspicuous area like behind a television or behind a door that rarely gets closed.  That way, if your carpet has an adverse reaction, it won’t be in the middle of the room for all to see.  Let the cleaning agent sit for a few minutes and then blot with a towel.  If any dye color transfers from the carpet into your towel– do NOT further use this product on this carpet. After test, rinse and blot as instructed below. Now you are ready to clean coffee stains out of your carpet.

1) Ivory liquid solution: Mix a solution of 1 tsp. of  Ivory liquid to one cup of water in a spray bottle. Test and then SPRAY (never pour) onto coffee stain and then work solution from the outside of the stain to the middle with a spoon (to see specifically how this is done click on the following link: How to Clean Coffee Stains Out of Carpet).  Next, take your dry, clean white towel and fold it in half twice (in quarters).  Place folded towel over coffee stain and using as much weight as possible, compress down with your palms or an old phone book.  This draws the coffee stain out of the carpet and into your towel. When saturated, flip towel and use a dry section to repeat compression drying.  Use more towels if needed to repeat until no more coffee transfers from carpet into towels.

NOTE: If you have a carpet extraction machine, by all means use it.  Use the carpet tool to vacuum out coffee and detergent and then use soft clear water to rinse detergent out.

2) Clear soft water.:  With spray bottle, spray area generously with soft, clear water to rinse out detergent residue. Compression blot as described above. NOTE: If you have hard tap water, bottled water will work fine.

3) Ammonia solution.:  If stain persists, mix a solution of 1 tbsp. of ammonia with 1 cup of water in spray bottle, test and SPRAY (never pour) onto coffee stain. Again, work solution to middle of stain with spoon and compression blot as dry as possible.

4) Clear Soft water.: Spray area generously with soft, clear water to rinse out ammonia residue. Compression blot as described above.

5) Oxy Clean solution.:  Any remaining coffee stain should only exist at the top tips of your carpet fibers. If coffee stain still persists, test and then LIGHTLY spray Oxy Clean (NEVER POUR!) onto coffee stain. Brush lightly with nylon brush to work Oxy Clean over fiber tips.  Lightly blot excess solution with dry towel and leave it to dwell. You don’t want to blot or vacuum all of Oxi Clean solution out of the carpet.  Give Oxy Clean time to work it’s magic.  Twenty four hours later, if any slight stain remains, a second repeat, light Oxy Clean application may be needed.

This is an oxygenated bleach and is safe for carpet if used sparingly. BEWARE:  Some of the worst stains I’ve seen resulted from my clients following the directions on the Oxy Clean package and pouring massive amounts of Oxy Clean directly onto their carpet. I’ve seen their commercials myself where they literally dump a half gallon of Oxy Clean right onto a stain. That’s ridiculous!  This is an oxygenated bleach. It is NOT a pre-cleaning detergent and it is not an enzyme digester. DO NOT EVER pour any cleaning product directly onto your carpet. This may lead to a much bigger problem.  Giant brown stains that may be 100 times bigger than your original stain may appear the day after you clean your stain.  Sometimes, not even an experienced professional can fix this problem completely.  However, when used in moderation, oxygenated bleach like Oxy Clean will dissolve the color out of the coffee stain while not bleaching the color out of your carpet.

By following these 5 steps, you should successfully clean coffee stains out of carpet ridding you of that ugly eyesore  and returning your home to it’s former attractiveness. 


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