How To Clean Restaurant Carpet in Boulder, CO.

Did you know that a customers impression of your business is developed within the first 10 seconds of walking through your doors?  First impressions are a big deal and can easily dictate whether someone becomes a customer or just a quick visitor.

Does your restaurant carpet create a bad first impression on your customers? Restaurant carpet can get filthy very quickly.  Besides having a large amount of foot traffic, food dumped on it and beverages spilled everywhere, most of your carpet soiling issues originates from your kitchen. Go see for yourself, the heaviest amount of soiling on your carpet is at your kitchen entry. You see, cooking oils travel through the air and get all over your kitchen floor.  Your wait staff traveling in and out of the kitchen bringing those oily particles with them on their shoes where it gets embedded into your carpet over and over again, minute by minute, on a daily basis. Air currents also help these cooking oils travel throughout your restaurant. Eventually, cooking oils get pounded and smashed into your carpet with the constant foot traffic of hundreds to thousands of customers.  Restaurants have a fundamentally different problem with their carpet upkeep than any other carpeted situation.

That greasy kitchen residue attracts dirt like a magnet. Within a matter of a few weeks, restaurant carpet can be a matted, black mess.  I've seen restaurant carpet that was actually shiny, it had such a buildup of cooking oil in it. To avoid this reality, restaurant carpet needs to be on a regular, professional carpet cleaning schedule. But, do you know how to clean restaurant carpet in Boulder, CO?  Certainly NOT with a small little electric portable machine by you, your spouse or your staff. The best system for cleaning out restaurant issues in carpet is a professional truck mounted steam cleaning process.  This is the only process that can utilize the proper grease cutting cleaning agents necessary to break down the substantial amount of foreign material in your restaurant carpet.  Heavy duty, high heat steam extraction is necessary because high temperatures of over 250 degrees make a drastic difference in cleaning efficiency over small electric cleaning machines.  This is the only process that removes all foreign materials, including all soils as well as heavy duty cleaning agents. Virtually nothing is left after cleaning but fluffy, clean carpet.

So How Often?: Cleaning restaurant carpet at least once per month is an optimum plan for keeping your restaurant carpet clean in order to make a good first impression.  And first impressions are the most vital. Your customers want a clean, healthy place to eat.  Your carpet is one of the first things that will leave an impression on them so that they feel they are in a warm, inviting clean place to enjoy dining.  For any questions about how to clean restaurant carpet in Boulder, CO, call Cleancare of Boulder at Ph.: 303-530-0646 today.