How To Clean an Oriental Rug Yourself in Superior, CO 80027

Simple Advice video for DIY Oriental Rug Cleaning. This works great for synthetic, inexpensive rugs. For all rugs, a good, deep vacuuming of both sides is necessary for optimal washing. Oriental, Persian Precautions: Don't use a vacuum with a beeter brush as this will pull at the many fine knots. Hanging wet wool rugs can distort the shape of your valuable rug. Wash on a flat surface such as a clean driveway or patio. Buy some knee pads at Home Depot. A decent pair is only about $15. This will make hand scrubbing easier. Place box fans or airmovers for quicker drying. WARNING: Water coming out of your outdoor spigots are not attached to your home's water softener. If your city has hard municipal water, DO NOT wash a valuable rug this way. You'll get a stiff, unpleasant feel to your rug's fibers, but more importantly, neutral or white fibers might "brown out." Your fringe will most definitely brown out. Not a pretty site! For professional rug washing go to