How You Should Never Clean Upholstered Furniture in Boulder, CO.

Watch this video to see how you should never clean upholstered furniture in Boulder, CO.  You can get advice on youtube on how to do just about anything.  And this is an example of really BAD advice.  Who knows who this guy is.  But he absolutely does NOT know what he is talking about.  Please, please do not follow his advice.  And if you are cleaning like this.... STOP.  Why?  Because you are not cleaning anything.  This procedure just spreads the dirt around and ADDS soil attracting material to your fabric.  It will just get even dirtier more quickly if you "clean" this way. There is nothing wrong with the cleaning product that is recommended in the video.  But it is not taken out of the fabric after it is applied and neither is any soil, food or spills.  And a brush like that used to scrub fabric that aggressively will start pulling threads and making little "pill balls" on your fabric's surface.  Just what you want, right?  Always, always, always rinse out any cleaning product you put on your upholstered fabric and either soak it up with clean towels by blotting or vacuum it out with an extraction machine. and of course we're always here at Cleancare of Boulder to help with professional upholstery cleaning needs.

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