How to Avoid Cleaning Mistakes With Boulder Carpet Cleaning.

Just motivating yourself to clean is sometimes a hard sell to yourself, right?  You're busy.  You get pulled in a thousand directions every day. You get your kids off to school. You work hard for long hours. Drive back home in traffic.  Stress, stress and stress.  Your kids want to know what's for dinner.  Bouncing balls, arguing, loud, annoying teen-age music, dog barking... how do you relax? And just WHEN are you supposed to clean this place up?  Who cares? Your'e too tired to worry about it.

So when you actually do get around to cleaning, it would be nice to know how to avoid cleaning mistakes with Boulder carpet cleaning. Everyone has to clean their homes eventually, some are more meticulous than others, but why not do it right?  This video is provided by the people at Clean My Space.  It gives you 10 great ideas about cleaning so that you get maximum performance out of your cleaning in as little time as possible.

It covers nuggets such as reading labels and mixing products correctly, applying cleaners with a cloth instead of applying directly onto the surface, how to clean video screens, cleaning sponges out, advice on cleaning windows efficiently, and even educates you on what pattern you should use to wipe off surfaces for a brilliant shine!

One of the great lessons of this video has to do with a thing called dwell time.  We use this every day in our carpet cleaning business.  Dwell time has to do with the amount of time a cleaning agent is given to do it's work before you remove it or rinse it.  In carpet cleaning, we apply a soil loosening treatment before we actually steam clean your carpet.  This treatment needs to be allowed to sit or "dwell" on your carpet for up to 15 minutes so that it can do it's job correctly.  If we rinse it off too quickly, your carpet won't get as clean.  The same principle applies to cleaning agents you use in your home.  For example, if you have really dirty counter tops, spray on your cleaning product and let it sit for a few minutes.  This will work much better than if you just spray on and spray off.

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