How to Clean Coffee Stains in Carpet in Boulder, CO

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Good coffee stain removal instructions. However, instructor says you should never pour a cleaning solution on your carpet (he's right) and then he pours it on the carpet! Second, "Tannin Remover" that he uses is not readily available to most people. However, the following household products will work just fine. Mix a solution of 1 tsp. of Ivory liquid to one cup of water in a spray bottle. SPRAY on (never pour)and then work solution to middle of stain as shown. Use compressing white towel blotting as shown. If stain persists, apply solution of 1 tbsp of Ammonia to 1 cup water and spray on. Again work solution to middle of stain and compression blot as dry as possible. Third, follow this with spraying clear water on area and compression blotting again to remove cleaning solution residue. Fourth, If stain STILL persists, lightly spray Oxy Clean (NEVER POUR!)on area, work to middle of stain and leave it to dwell. This is an oxygenated bleach and is safe for carpet if used sparingly. Following these steps should do the trick. Otherwise, an experienced professional like me can take care of completely stubborn stains for you.