How to Clean Dog Oil From Furniture Upholstery in Louisville, CO 80027.

How to Clean Dog Oil From Furniture Upholstery in Louisville, CO 80027.

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By Ken Strid. and ehow contributed to this article.

If you have a dog, you have a reason for reading this article. Even if you do not allow your pet ONTO your furniture, you will still most likely have to deal with the same kind of problem of pet owners who do allow their 4 legged friends to join them on the comfy furniture.

Do you have dark, dirty looking patches on the sides of your furniture or on your cushions?  Are those the same places your  dog lies down or rubs against as she walks by? Do these araea resist your every cleaning attempt? Is your answer "Yes, yes and yes?"

These stubborn stains are the result of dog oil from your pet's skin.  This oil is transferred onto your furniture fabric from your dog's coat.  And it is really hard to remove.  Seemingly impossible, in fact!

Basic steam cleaning won't work and upholstery shampoos probably won't either. While many professionals will tell you they can get dog oil out, many cannot and you will be disappointed with their results.

Use an Oil Busting Detergent
If you can remove the cushion cover, check to see if it's safe for washing (tag will tell you on deck of furniture piece). If yes, scrub it with a anti-grease dish detergent (Dawn works especially well at breaking down oily residue.) A few drops in a cup of water will do. Pour into spray bottle and spray onto area.  Agitate with a soft rag or brush.  WAIT. Let the detergent dwell for 10 minutes and work it's magic.

Then, rinse it well with plain old diluted vinegar by spraying it on and blotting with a soft, dry cloth. Any soap left will attract soil in the future.

Following the rinse and blotting, lay flat to dry. You don't want to dry in the dryer as cushion cover may shrink or loose shape. If you lay it in the sun it will dry faster, however it may lighten the fabric as well. Sun light can bleach some fabrics. 
For cleaning the sides of your furniture or cushions that you will leave covers on, you can still try the Dawn detergent method.  Just use less moisture so as not to soak the cushion or batting underneath the the fabric. You may have to perform more applications since you are using less cleaning product. Be sure to dry with a box fan pointed directly at area cleaned in between applications so as not to ruin cushion by overwetting.

Try a Trusted Pro
If you still cannot budge the dog oil, we have a 90% success rate at Cleancare of Boulder for removing dog oil.  Why are we more successful than other professionals? As with our supreme carpet cleaning, we take the time to clean with the correct procedures and correct cleaning agents for each specific cleaning situation.  Some companies will only clean with water because that is the fastest way to get in and out of your home.  I'm here to tell you that basic hot water will NOT get dog oil out by itself. Other companies may use technicians that just don't know what to use to remove dog oil. There are also companies who don't stock all the cleaning agents necessary to tackle every situation they may come up against. Some use the same chemicals on your sofa that they use on your carpet and on your tile floors.  We do NOT do any of that at Cleancare of Boulder. We have successfully removed dog oil many times. We carry the correct products and have the knowledge and experience to correctly take care of your dog oil issues.

How to Limit Dog Oil In Your Dog

1) Feed a natural diet. The first step to maintaining your pet's health and coat is feeding a premium quality dog food. Many commercial foods contain chemical preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes that can disrupt the normal balance of the skin. 

2) Detoxify his body. Everyday our pets are exposed to pesticides and herbicides on our lawns, smog and exhaust chemicals in the air they breathe, and chlorine and fluoride added to our water. Harmful substances that enter the body can be expelled through the skin. A modified fast can de-gunk your pet's system and return his coat to normal. For one day, feed your dog white or brown rice cooked in low sodium chicken broth. Add a heaping tablespoon or two of cooked meat and serve on your regular feeding schedule.

3) Feed the skin the correct amount of essential fatty acids (EFTs). Your dog's skin requires the right balance of EFTs to stay healthy. There are commercially prepared essential fatty acid supplements formulated for dogs. They can be purchased in health food or pet stores.

4) Use a degreasing pet shampoo. No matter what the cause of your dog's oily coat, regular bathing will help. Use a degreasing dog shampoo available in pet supply stores or health food stores. Some contain strong chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, but natural shampoos are more gentle on the system. These can contain ingredients such as tea tree oil, oatmeal or peppermint, all of which have a degreasing effect on the coat.

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