How to Clean Ice Melt From Your Carpet in Boulder, CO 80301.


How to Clean Ice Melt From Your Carpet In Boulder, CO 80301.

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Your carpet and floors don’t look as good at the end of winter.  Ice melt salt is a HUGE cause of this problem.  It gets scattered all over and every time you walk inside your home or step into your vehicle, you track in harmful chemicals.

What does it do to carpet and rugs?

Your first step of prevention is vacuuming.  Vacuum very well so the crystals don’t get embedded into your carpet backing. 

However, vacuuming won’t be enough when ice melt causes a sticky residue that can cause ugly spots and traffic wear.  To prevent this, a thorough, professional carpet or rug cleaning needs to be done after the ice melt is tracked inside.

What does ice melt do to your tile floors?

It can leave an oily residue, which can cause slipping and falling hazards.  And even with constant mopping, it will eat away at some natural stone and glazed ceramic finishes and will destroy sealer.  A professional deep cleaning and re-sealing should be done every 1— 2 years.

What about your kids and pets?

Ice melt can be toxic.  Your kids and pets may play or lie on the floor and get ice melt absorbed into their skin.

Now is the perfect time to get your carpet, rugs and floors cleaned. Just call us at 303-530-0646 for an honest, professional assessment.