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This video shows how the newest exercise craze may induce you to buy the jumbo size bag of miracle baking soda.

To get vomit out of carpet, you'll need that big bag of baking soda. LOTS of it. Sprinkle it liberally all over the mess on the carpet. Enough to completely bury the puke. And then put a towel over it just in case somebody accidentally steps on it.  

Dwell time.  Give it a chance to absorb the nastiness.  At least 10-12 hours.  When you pull the towel up you'll find that the baking soda has transformed all of the throw-up into small, odorless clumps of powder. No disgusting slop to scoop with your bare hands!

Vacuum all of the dried clumps up in one mess-free motion. (If you don’t want to use your vacuum, a broom will do just as well.) With that out of the way, for any minor, residual stain, spray a little carpet cleaner (we recommend Avenge)  or an enzyme based cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Kids 'N Pets on the spot, and it's good as new.

No sopping. And gagging. And scooping. And gagging. And washing. And picking chunks of leftover food out of the washing machine. Very cool.  But,  if you'd still rather not deal with it, give us a call at Cleancare of Boulder!