How to Clean With Vinegar in Boulder, CO.

This video from the great people at Clean My Space, shows how to clean with vinegar in Boulder, CO.  You'll see how to clean:

-Your Fridge

-Household Chrome Fixtures



-Kitchen Odor

-Stainless Steele Kitchen Appliances


NOTE: Some people do not like the smell of vinegar. HOWEVER, the smell of vinegar only lasts while it is wet.  Once it is dry, the odor is completely gone!

Vinegar is also great to use on carpeting.  If you have annoying odors coming from your carpet, lightly spray on some diluted vinegar (1 tbsp. vinegar to 1 cup water) and follow that by working it in with a carpet groomer. Also, if you have spot cleaned your carpet and the cleaning agent has left your carpet stiff or crunchy, neutralize it by spraying it with diluted vinegar.  This will make it feel much softer.

For any questions about how to clean with vinegar in Boulder, CO or any other cleaning questions, call us at Cleancare of Boulder.: Ph.: 303-530-0646.