How to Clean Workout Room Carpet in Boulder, CO.

You have added a workout room to your home.  You are finally going to make good on those New Year's resolutions from the last 10 years!  You have either put this room in part of all that empty space in your basement, or you have taken over a bedroom left by your adult child who has moved out of your home.  It is so nice to finally have a place to get in shape and not have to make that drive over to that intimidating, uncomfortable gym.  And you are diligent and serious about getting back into shape.  You have a regular routine of cardio and weight resistance.  You have set goals and you can see and feel a real difference in your body and health. You've been working up quite a sweat!  

So where does all the sweat go when it drips off your body in your workout room?  Is your carpet a sponge, sopping up all your sweat every time you run on the treadmill, ride that stationary bike or pump those weights? If you have carpet as your flooring, the answer is yes. And all of that sweat in your carpet is attracting some really nasty bacteria, not to mention the soil that sticks to it at a much higher rate than on clean carpet.  What about odor?  That body funk cannot smell very good, anyway!  Is your workout room starting to smell like a teen age boy's locker room? Have you ever wondered how to clean workout room carpet in Boulder, CO?

Why not let Cleancare of Boulder clean out those organisms living in your workout room carpet.  Our high heat system will kill bacteria and mites on contact.  And we'll also get out that soil, those spills and that funky odor, too. Regular, professional carpet cleaning will give you back a nice fresh smelling and attractive workout room.  A room you'll enjoy working out in again!

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