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Spring Cleaning: 5 Points Against It.  from Organized Home

Do You Really Like Spring Cleaning? 

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Spring blows in with warm wind and the promise of ... spring cleaning?  Frankly, doesn’t Spring cleaning... blow?  But, with the coming of spring, even the most casual home managers feel an inexplicable urge to move furniture, clean windows and vacuum baseboards to welcome the return of sunshine and warmer weather.  And why not have your upholstery cleaned this Spring?  Find out How to Find Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80302.

Certainly, there's a lot to be said for the notion of spring cleaning. It's a good time of year to rout out the dirt, dust and disorder that's crept into the home since the holiday season. By doing a thorough clean once a year, no area of the home gets too far removed from the results earned by energetic mops, vacuums and cleaning cloths. Longer days bring a new burst of energy for many of us, and using that bonus to deep-clean our homes seems like a good match for rising springtime spirits.

Then there's another point of view: that spring cleaning is unnecessary in an organized modern home.

5 Points That Make the Case Against Spring Cleaning

1)  Historic reasons for a traditional spring clean are no longer a factor in the vast majority of today's homes. When homes were heated with wood, coal or coal oil furnaces, the winter heating season brought a build-up of soot and ash on walls, furniture and fabrics. Spring cleaning marked the end of the heating season, when the entire house was aired and scrubbed clean of the dim, smoky film given off by older heat sources.

2)  But with today's heating technology, this rationale no longer applies. Today's central or forced air furnaces, disposable air filters, and air filtration systems prevent a build-up of soot or film--and knock the props out from under the idea of a top-to-bottom spring clean.

3)  Modern lives, too, no longer possess the rhythm and pace required to sustain an old-fashioned cleaning marathon. Today's working moms or active mothers of young children don't have the ability to clear two weeks of other commitments to engage in a full-time, full-bore spring cleaning session.

4)  Then there's the inevitable backlash! By the time modern families finish a whole-house deep-clean, we're apt to be so exhausted and alienated from our mops and buckets that we allow cleaning to slide--often for months to a year afterward! Instead of a reasonably clean house all the year long, spring-cleaners sometimes slip into peaks and valleys of clean versus dirty.

5)  Finally, there are valid maintenance reasons NOT to defer deep cleaning to a single, yearly session.

-Carpeting lasts longest if maintained by frequent vacuuming and regular cleaning, which prevents deposit of abrasive grit deep within the fibers.  Deferring needed carpet cleaning until spring causes unnecessary wear and works against the goal of a clean house.  Not to mention the wear and tear on your soiled furniture.  Find out How to Find Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80302.

-Similarly, windows which are washed on a regular schedule won't develop the scale build-up requiring special treatment in a once-a-year cleaning session.

Exhaustion. Lack of time. No more seasonal need. The goal of better home maintenance EVERY day. All these factors weigh in against the idea of a good old-fashioned spring cleaning session.