How to Get Commercial Carpet Really Clean in Boulder, CO.

Spilled coffee.  Darkened pathways to the public restroom. Chewing gum stuck to the floor.  Ink spots. Mysterious stains of all different colors.  This is what you see if you look down while you walk on carpeted areas of a commercial building.  This video shows how to get commercial carpet really clean in Boulder, CO.  It takes powerful cleaning agents to break down the soils that have long accumulated over time by thousands of people and feet.  Then you need a capable machine to produce high heat at about 250 degrees.  The hotter the cleaning solution, the cleaner EVERYTHING gets. Finally, you need a system for capturing and extracting all of that unhealthy mire out of the carpet.  It needs to have powerful vacuum so that the carpet will not take long to dry.

At Cleancare of Boulder, we have perfected a carpet cleaning system that can usually reach up to the fifth floor of most buildings while still utilizing the power of a truck mounted cleaning system.  Our cleaning agents are the finest in the world- we don't go cheap!  Our high heat system blasts dirt, stains and grime out of those filthy commercial carpet fibers and removes them into our awaiting truck parked outside.  Your carpet will be dry and usable by the next morning.

Don't wait to instigate a routine carpet cleaning program.  Your building will look much more appealing and attractive and will even be healthier.  Plus, you won't have to replace worn out carpet nearly as often. If you have any questions about how to get commercial carpet really clean in Boulder, CO, call us at Ph.: 303-530-0646.