How to Keep Master Bedroom Carpet Clean in Boulder, CO.

This video shows how to keep master bedroom carpet clean in Boulder, CO.  Have you noticed that you can tell exactly where you normally walk in your bedroom?  Foot traffic patterns are more evident in bedrooms than in most other areas of your home.  The reason?  Your feet!  Huh?  What do I mean, you use your feet everyhere else, too (except for you circus performers who constantly walk on your hands)?  Well, you wear your shoes or socks less in your bedroom than anywhere else in your home. Your feet contain oils in your skin that track off onto the carpet.  Plus, many people apply lotions to their feet.  Wear do you do this?  In your master bathroom or on your bed, right?  And then you directly put your feet on your carpet and walk around.  Well, you track off that lotion, too.  So you have your oils from your skin and lotions that you applied getting left in your carpet.  Slightly sticky, they grab on to all dirt particles and lock them onto your carpet fibers.  And that is how soiled traffic lanes appear in your master bedroom quicker than most places in your home.

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