How to Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Perform Better in Boulder, CO.

Do you know how to make your vacuum cleaner perform better in Boulder, CO?  Wow.  Exciting, right? Snore....

But really, it you want to work less, your vacuum to work better and you'd like to breathe easier, watch this video from the great people at Clean My Space.

When your vacuum is full of dirty debris, it loses suction. A dirty beater brush does not do its job to full potential. And have you ever smelled that dirty vacuum odor.  If you've smelled it, you know how bad it stinks!

So while it IS a boring job, it really is not all that hard to do, nor does it take all that much time.  Obviously, if your bag or canister is full, you need to take care of that.  DUH!  Once that is accomplished, look for filters that can be washed or replaced.  If you can't find them, consult your owner's manual.  If you do have a canister instead of vacuum bags, wash that canister and wipe the inside out. Next, tackle the beater brush, you know, that cylindrical turning brush that grabs debris out of your carpet and shoves it into the suction stream? Some beater brushes slide out the side of your machine and some are stationary.  But using scissors and a toothbrush (the World's most versatile cleaning tool) as the video shows, will improve its performance. Lastly, rinse off and scrub your attachments down so that they can perform at peak efficiency.

Clean your vacuum our every 6 months to a year and you won't have to work as hard, your vacuum will perform better and you'll have cleaner air in your home. For more info on how to make your vacuum cleaner perform better in Boulder, CO, give us a call at Cleancare of Boulder: 303-530-0646.