How to Make a Wine Stain on Carpet Disappear in Boulder, CO.

Oooops!  You just sloshed some wine onto your carpet.  Big bright red stain.  White carpet.  Oh craaaap!

If this happens to you, don't panic. Wine usually always disappears with the right removal products.  This video shows how to make a wine stain on carpet disappear in Boulder, CO.  I would add a few precautions to what is shown. First, never POUR a product onto your carpet.  You don't know what is underneath your carpet and without a heavy duty cleaning system, that gunk will rise to the surface of your carpet as that big puddle of cleaning solution you poured, dries. This could make an even bigger mess! Second, hydrogen peroxide is not meant for your carpet.  In some cases, bleaching may occur.  Third, rather than use the ingredients shown in this video, go pick up some Oxyclean.  

Oxyclean actually contains hydrogen peroxide, BUT, it has been buffered for application onto textiles.  In other words, it won't bleach your carpet but it will make wine stains disappear.  Simply blot up the excess wine, spray on Oxyclean, work in with a soft brush and in about ten minutes, your wine stain will be gone!

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