How to Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Home and Your Carpet in Boulder, CO.

Few of us love to clean.  Do you get out of your bed this morning and your first thought was how excited you are about what you can clean today?  If you said yes, your life may need some additional excitement.  Most of you will say a resounding no to this question.  In fact, cleaning is a chore to most and something you put on the back burner.  So if their are tips and tricks that will help you clean less, would you be interested? This video shows how to spend less time cleaning your home and your carpet in Boulder, CO.

Topics covered for your viewing pleasure are the use of an oven liner, using baking soda to make crusty pot and pan cleaning easier, "S" pattern cleaning, Top to Bottom cleaning, and more.  Did you know that taking your shoes off (And by "YOUR SHOES", I mean everyone's shoes in your home!) will take 80% of the soil brought in from outside off of your cleaning routine? It will also keep your carpet looking cleaner for a MUCH longer period of time.  Socks are the best thing you can wear around your home. Why?  Because shoes bring in 80% more dirt into your home AND socks are better than bare feet because we all have skin oils that get absorbed by carpet and rugs. Skin oil embedded in your carpet fibers attracts soil.

Two other tips for keeping your carpet clean longer are placing walk-off mats at every entrance to a carpeted area (especially outdoor entrances) and vacuuming more often.  But, did you know that a mat at your kitchen is one of the best places to place a walk off mat?  Cooking oils cover the hard floor in your kitchen.  When you walk out of your kitchen you track that oil off onto your carpet and, again, oil attracts soil.  A walk off mat at your kitchen entry will wipe much of that oil off before it gets to your carpet.  However, keeping walk off mats clean if also very important.  A dirty walkoff mat won't do as a good a job as a clean one.  But keeping them clean is easy. Usually you can just throw them in your washing machine.  And vacuuming more often will make the task easier and it will rid your carpet of the gritty dirt that tears your carpet into worthless fuzz and creates wear patterns.

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