Is it Time to Clean Your Family Room Carpet in Boulder, CO?

Family room carpet gets dirty... FAST!  Other than your bedroom, you spend more time in your family room than in any other room in your home.  Its where you relax.  Where you read. Where you watch football, movies and countless hours of TV. You play games in there and read books.  AND... you eat a lot of food and spill a lot of food and a lot of drinks, also!  Is it time to clean your family room carpet in Boulder, CO?

If you look down the next time you are sitting on your sofa, you will probably be surprised at how dirty the carpet is under your feet.  But after all, you do rest your feet there practically every day, for hours.  And many people eat and drink in that same area.  But it is a narrow area between your sofa and coffee table and doesn't get noticed. But we bet you'll notice it now!

Our specially designed carpet pre-treatments take out tough food and drink spills along with the dark soil that is attracted to those areas.  Followed up with 250 degree, soft water steam cleaning, we give you an unbeatable carpet cleaning experience. No one, especially zero residue carpet cleaning, can touch our carpet cleaning effectiveness.  And we prove it with a full money back guarantee.

Is it time to Clean Your Family Room Carpet in Boulder, CO?  If so, give us a call at Cleancare of Boulder at Ph.: 303-530-0646 today!