It's Time For the Greatest Tile and Grout Cleaning in Boulder, CO.

We were cleaning carpet in a restaurant the other night when we were asked by the manager if we knew how to clean tile floors. His late night crew was busy slinging a dirty mop back and forth across tile floors that were a complete mess. Stuck on grunge in the tile pattern and black sludge in the grout lines.  Sometimes you are just at the right place at the right time.  Do we know how to clean tile floors?  "Ummm... why yes, we do!"  In fact, we are specialists at cleaning tile and grout floors with the latest technology for getting badly soiled grout and tile as clean as possible.  After you read this article, you may agree that it's time for the greatest tile and grout cleaning in Boulder, CO!

Tile and grout floor cleaning has come a long ways in the last few years.  Gone are rotary floor scrubbers with course brushes that might improve the appearance of tile surfaces, but do nothing for the filthy grout lines in between. Spinning brushes cannot get into grout lines.  They just spin right over them.  Plus, rotary machines leave all of that scrubbed off material right on top of the floor.  Even a thorough mopping will not capture all of the grunge loosened off the tile surface. In fact, you'll end up with even dirtier grout after a floor scrubbing/mopping, as all that sludge slides right in between the tiles, into the waiting grout lines.

But, now we have a tool that attaches to our truck mounted steam extraction system that will simply amaze you with its cleaning effectiveness.  The tool works by centrifugal force created by high water pressure.  A metal arm with two water jets on either side of it spins by the force of 1,200 psi water pressure. This spinning arm blasts out pressurized, hot, soft water onto your floor and into your grout lines.   This powerful, dirt and stain releasing rotating action is contained within a vacuum chamber in our floor cleaning tool.  So, all of the sludge blasted off your floors is extracted out to our waiting machine inside our truck parked outside. Watch the videos below of Cleancare cleaning a restaurant floor and of how our machine works. If we can get a filthy restaurant floor like this clean, do you think we could make your floor look great, too?   The results are a stunningly bright, clean floor and grout lines.  The kind of floor you had when it was new!

Video of how our tile cleaning machine works- It's powerful!:  If it's time for the greatest tile and grout cleaning in Boulder, CO, Call Cleancare of Boulder  Ph.: 303-530-0646 today.

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