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How to Stop Traffic Wear on Carpet (part 2)

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The solution to stopping traffic wear on carpet is both extremely simple and extremely complicated. On the one hand all you need to do to prevent the wear on new carpet and further wear on older carpet is to simply keep the dust, dirt and soil off the carpet. Therein lies the complication; how to do that. The answer requires a bit of a commitment by you and the other members of your household.

1.         The first thing people usually do to combat the traffic wear problem is to buy a mat or a runner to put down at the entry point to the carpet. This is a good idea but it is not enough by far. It takes approximately 27 steps to walk off all of the soil from your shoes. To do this effectively you would need a runner about 100 feet long. Not practical. A mat or small runner will help to keep soil off of the carpet but it is only part of the solution.

2.         The next step is to remove your shoes before coming in the house. It can be a little inconvenient but it will become like second nature after you get used to it.  The key here is to put your shoes on when you go back outside.  It does no good to take your shoes off when you come in and then go outside in your socks or bare feet and only to come back in the house with dirty socks or feet.

3.         The worst traffic patterns occur at transition areas between carpet and a hard surface like tile or wood because while carpet has the ability to hold on to soil, hard surfaces do not. The soil sticks to the bottom of your shoes or feet and is then transferred to the carpet. Keeping the hard surface clean is a very important part of the process.  So important in fact, that I would tie it with step 4.

4.         The most important step is regular vacuuming. Frequent vacuuming is the single best way to remove soil from your carpet and prevent ugly traffic wear patterns. More than half of all the soil in your carpet can be removed through vacuuming alone.  When you consider the cost of your carpet compared to the cost of a vacuum it’s a no brainer.  Spending a little extra time every week to vacuum your carpet will extend the life of your carpet and improve the overall air quality inside your home which will make for a generally healthier environment for your family.

5.         The rest can be removed through carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning will be more effective when all of these other steps are implemented and adhered to.  If you choose to perform your own carpet cleaning it will be easier to clean and take less of your valuable time.  If you hire a professional carpet cleaning company they will be able to use a less invasive interim carpet cleaning process and it will save you money if they don’t have to use a restorative carpet cleaning process every time they clean your carpet.

After the carpet cleaning, Scotchgard should be applied. A good carpet protector, properly applied, will prevent food spills from staining as well as protecting the carpet fiber from dry soil abrasion.  It will coat the carpet fiber and prevent soil and spills from ever touching the fiber thereby preventing dry soil abrasion and staining.


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