Master Bedroom Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO

Why would you worry about master bedroom carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO?  I mean, you're the only ones who are going to see that carpet, right?  It's not like any guests you have over or (God forbid) your Mother-in-law is going to see it. How dirty could it get, anyway?  You only walk on your bedroom carpet barefoot, in socks or wearing slippers. would be surprised to know how filthy your master bedroom carpet actually is.  Millions of bacterial organisms, dust mites, their dead carcasses and their feces are surrounding you in a quagmire that you are breathing into your body every night.  Do you feel like you have a harder time breathing at night while you're in bed than you do during the day?  Bedrooms are the heaviest populated areas in your home for dust mites. That's because we spend more time in our bedrooms than in any other room of the house.  Think about it. How many other rooms do you spend 8 hours a day in?

Humans shed skin cells constantly.  Guess what dust mites feed on? Yep... us!  Well, at least they eat our shed skin.  And their is more human skin in the bedroom than in any other room of the house.  When you walk on your carpet, no matter if it is with bare feet or with socks or slippers, you kick up all of the unhealthy mire that is swimming in your carpet.  That all gets into the air your breathe into your body and you may find it harder to breathe while you sleep.  People who suffer from allergies or asthma will most certainly notice this. However, if you clean your master bedroom carpets regularly, you'll will notice a definite improvement in your indoor air quality.  So while your master bedroom carpets may not LOOK dirty, after your get them professionally cleaned, you will breathe easier.  Clean them for your health's sake!

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