More Casino Carpet Cleaning in Black Hawk, CO

In this video we show more casino carpet cleaning in Black Hawk, CO.  No company in Colorado has more experience cleaning carpet in casinos than Cleancare of Boulder.  We have been cleaning carpet in Black Hawk and Central City since they opened up for gambling.  We specialize in cleaning the fine wool, wall to wall carpeting that is exclusively found in casinos and fine hotel lobbies. And we'll remove the alcohol and soda spills along with those nasty pieces of stuck on gum. Why do people spit their gum out on the floor?  Who knows- but they do, don't they?

Black Hawk also uses a lot of ice melt on their city streets which is very damaging to wool carpet fibers.  Ice melt residue needs to be removed regularly or you will have ugly traffic patterns burned into your expensive flooring. Plus, there is a lot of dirt brought in from the streets mountain towns. It blows in every day!  Have us remove it with our powerful truck mounted steam extraction system before gritty mountain soil wears holes in your carpet.

Get your casino on a regular carpet cleaning maintenance program today.  Cleaning is much more affordable than replacement!  If you have any questions about more casino carpet cleaning in Black hawk, CO, call us today at Ph.: 303-530-0646.