No Nickel and Diming Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO

We include pre-treatment, most spot cleaning, steam extraction, some furniture moving and Airpath quick drying with every carpet cleaning job we perform.  We provide our clients with no nickel and diming carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO.  When we say we are going to clean your carpet, we believe that all of those things should be part the job.  Who wants to  be nickel and dimed for every little part of the cleaning process?  Do you agree?  

This video shows how we (or "pre-spray") every job we do.  This MUST be done before ANY steam extraction cleaning on your carpet.  Scientifically designed cleaning agents that separate the soils from your carpet fibers and give water a greater ability to carry off those soils are necessary because water alone cannot do this. Of course, you already know this.  It's why you put detergent in your washing machine and why you wash your hands with soap.  Because you can't get your clothes or your hands clean with just water.

Many cheap, rush job carpet cleaning companies will skip the pre-treatment step unless you pay them extra. And new zero res type methods that use supposedly specially treated water also ignore this important part of cleaning.  Pre-treating does take more time and effort.  But we believe it is worth it, because we know that if our clients aren't happy with how clean their carpet is, they won't call us back. And as a small company, we also know that keeping a happy client costs us much less than advertising to gain new customers over and over again!

Call us with any questions about no nickel and diming carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO at 303-530-0646.