Old Carpet Needs Love, Too in Arvada, CO.

We do live in a throw away society.  When something goes out of style, throw it away.  When something does not fit anymore, throw it away.  If something is the wrong color or material, throw it way.  When we don't maintain things properly and they break down, throw them away.  When we don't clean things regularly and they wear out, throw them away. It's not hard to see the theme, here, is it?

This generally laissez faire attitude of replacing and throwing away that pervades our lives has a direct result of filling our landfills at an alarming rate.  Everyone is aware of the huge amount of plastic bottles and containers found in landfills.  But do you know about another huge item that is taking over landfills?  Can you imagine during this age we live in of constantly ripping out and remodeling, how much old carpet is in landfills?  And since carpet is made out of plastic and petroleum products, it will be there forever.

Old carpet needs love, too in Arvada, CO.  If you have no desire to remodel, have rental property where the carpet needs to last longer or you just are in a more conservationist state of mind, periodically maintaining your old carpet with professional cleaning is an excellent idea. Clean carpet will continue to last longer, look more attractive and contribute to better home health. And holding on to your carpet longer is better for our planet.  In fact, having your carpet cleaned regularly instead of ripping it out and sending it to your local dump, is actually the truest green thing you can do!

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