Expert  Oriental  Rug  Washing


   We'll Expertly Care For Your Heirloom Treasures So You May Enjoy Them For Decades.

       "Oriental rug cleaning was awesome- it came back to us cleaner than when we bought it."  -Lisa B., Arvada


Pricing: Includes Expert Washing Process, Pick Up and Deliver Back To You.

Minimum charge per rug: $45 (Navajo: $55), Minimum charge per rug washing pick-up and delivery (one rug or multiple): $128.

Wet Wash Wool Flat Woven or Tufted Pile: $3.95/ sq foot. 

Wet Wash Silk, Art Silk or Pearl/Mercerized Cotton Pile: $4.95/ sq foot.

Wet Wash Navajo Rugs and Blankets: $5.95/ sq foot.

Strip Wash, Tea Wash or Flood Damage: Additional $1.50/ sq foot for Wool, Silk & Mercerized Cotton. Navajos Addtl. $3/ sq foot.


The Best Oriental Rug Washing in Boulder, CO

Before and After Wash of a Hamadan Rug


Why Do We "WASH" Rugs?  Is That Safe For Your Valuable Wool Rug?


   Hand woven wool rugs should be gently washed- the way they have been for centuries- never cleaned on your home's floor with regular carpet  cleaning equipment.  High temperature steam cleaning is great for synthetic carpets like nylon, but it can be harmful for your wool rugs.  In hot water, wool will release dyes that create those beautiful and intricate patterns in your rugs.  That means bleeding and dye migration- not a pretty sight.  And in some cases, impossible to correct.  Another problem with hot water cleaning is that shrinking will most certainly occur. Have you ever seen a wool sweater shrink?  Did you ever wear it again?  Shrinking will change the shape of your rug as well as how it lays out.  It will simply never be the same.  So as a rule:  NEVER have your fine woven rugs cleaned with high heat or steam cleaning processes!


   For centuries, rugs have been washed in rivers.  Yes- that's right.  Water would flow through the carpet and thoroughly rinse out soil and debris.  So if this has worked for thousands of years, why don't we still do it that way? Well, don't worry, we won't dunk your rug in Boulder Creek, the Platte River or the St. Vrain!  However, our modern fine rug washing process IS very similar in how we wash your rug.  All the cool water in the world will not harm a wool rug.  It flushes it out and extends it's life.  You will love its luster and beauty after a good washing.  And your home will be that much more luxurious when your rug is returned to you in the prestine state that it's meant to be in!



   To safely and thoroughly clean your fine oriental rugs, an expert must have a rug washing facility where rugs can be completely immersed in  cool pH appropriate water, gently shampooed and thoroughly rinsed.  We then must have a task specific drying room, where rugs can be laid out flat on the floor and thoroughly dried.  We never hang your rugs on a rack while drying- this can cause stretching and  irregular shaping.

Cleancare's Oriental  Rug Washing Steps:

  • We'll pick up your heirloom rug at your home.
  • Vacuum both sides of rug with a pile lifter. Woven rugs can have pounds of dirt trapped in their knots. By powerfully vacuuming BOTH sides of rug, grit and debris are beaten out and captured from the hidden loops at the base of your rug.
  • Test unstable dyes (inherent in wool rugs) for bleeding.
  • Set unstable dyes. Dye locking vinegar sets dyes that might bleed or migrate during cleaning.
  • Clean fringes.
  • Completely submerse rug in washing solution designed exclusively for wool in a shallow bath. See shampoo bath in picture at above right
  • Gently agitate rug with soft brushes to encourage further soil release.
  • Thoroughly rinse and flush away soils and residues in clear-water bath.
  • Treat with immersion moth-proofing and soil retardant.
  • Wring out rug between rubber rollers specifically designed for squeezing out excess water from rugs. Picture above shows a gorgeous wool rug going through the rubber squeeze rollers.
  • Groom fringes and set pile.
  • Flat-dry rug in dehumidifying drying room. Rug is laid out flat and dried with specialized air movers and dehumidification. As in the washing process, high heat is not used so as to minimize risk of shrinking.
  • When completely dry, rug is wrapped in protective cover for delivery.
  • We deliver your beautiful clean heirloom back to you at your home.

Family Heirlooms

Some mistakenly believe cleaning precious rugs will damage them. They allow dirt and stains to obscure the otherwise vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Their beautiful heirlooms are then permanently damaged.

Gritty dirt gets into the pile and/or woven knots and as people walk on the rug, damage is done as that grit and fibers are rubbed together. In addition, improper or delayed spot removal attempts, as well as moth or insects, will also cause expensive damage.

Remember These Rug Care Tips!:

  • Most Important!! Regularly vacuum BOTH sides of your rugs slowly and thoroughly. This minimizes damaging soil.
  • Blot Up Spills Immediately. Always blot, NEVER rub. Rubbing distorts wool fibers.
  • Have your rugs washed by a professional experienced in washing fine rugs every 2 to 3 years (never wait more than 5 years). This prevents damage and prolongs rug life.
  • Protect your rugs from moth damage. Our moth-proofing will make wool distasteful to voracious moth larvae. Non-toxic to kids and pets.
  • Have a soil retardant included with the washing. This will help your rugs resist soiling and make subsequent washings more effective.

Has it been over 2 years since your fine woven or Chinese (tufted) rug has been washed? Don't allow your precious heirlooms to be damaged. Have your precious works of art washed by rug experts. Call Cleancare and have us pick up your rug today to preserve it's life and beauty. We're fully bonded and insured.


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