Pre-cleaning Instructions for Carpet, Furniture and Tile and Grout Floors.:

We need you to please do a few things to prepare the areas that we'll be cleaning.


  1. Have the carpet recently vacuumed.  This is extremely important.  This will remove dry soil and debris as well as any pet hair.  The more dry soil that is picked up before steam cleaning, the more effective our cleaning will be.  We can vacuum for you at a rate of $.05/sq. foot, if you'd like.  But you have the option of doing it yourself.
  2. Have all small furniture moved.- such as dinning chairs, small end tables, floor lamps and such out of the rooms we are cleaning. A good place for these items are the kitchen, bathrooms and covered patio areas. If you want us to move your sofas and small furniture at $.07 / sq. foot, please make sure you have vacuumed underneath them recently.  We DO NOT move beds, breakables, electronics, breakables, hutches, desks, breakables, antiques or anything that may break  if moved.  And we move nothing over 80 lbs. or containing breakables or electronics.  Did I mention that we don't move anything that might break?  :)
  3. PLEASE do not move furniture to the middle of the room.  I realize that this is done with good intentions, but it does not help the cleaning process.  We always pre-treat the open areas and spots prior to cleaning and in doing this, we need these areas exposed- not covered with furntiure.
  4. If we're cleaning your tile and grout floors, please remove all furniture, lamps and decor and have it swept or vacuumed.
  5. If we're cleaning upholstery, please discard any food, toys, candy, coins, wrappers etc. from underneath all cushions.  Please rid upholstery of as much pet hair as possible.
  6. Remove children's toys, shoes, dirty laundry etc. from work areas.
  7. I am a pet lover!  BUT- Freshly cleaned carpet should not be walked on by pets during cleaning.  Pets coming in from outside could ruin a damp, clean carpet and if Scotchgard protector has been applied, your pet will track it off while it is curing to your carpet fibers with their feet- making it less effective.  Please keep pets out of immediate work areas.
  8. Please have a parking space available closest to the door we are entering for cleaning.  Remember- we do not bring in a loud, ineffective, indoor air polluting machine into your home.  Our powerful cleaning machine remains in our truck- so we'll need close access to it from your front door.
  9. Please have a water faucet availale for our use.  If turned off for the Winter, we'll need the shut off valve (usually in the basement) turned on.  We'll be sure to have it turned off when we leave.  We attach a garden hose to your faucet and connect it to our water softener.  Then our machine heats that water up to 270 degrees, for powerful cleaning at high pressure.
  10. Open the windows atleast an inch or two on each side of the house on each floor.  Cross-ventilation insures faster drying, usually in about 2-4 hours.  In Summer, open all the windows and carpet will be dry when we leave!

Following these instructions will ensure that you get the most thorough cleaning ever!

I look forward to seeing you and cleaning in your home!