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How To Get Rid of Smelly Ice Cubes.  For more articles like this, go to Cleancare of Boulder articles.


So I come home from a hot day working at my company, Professional Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80302,  and my wife has a pitcher of fresh lemonade on the kitchen counter.  Nothing could look better to me at this exact moment.   I plunk some ice cubes in a glass and pour the refreshing beverage in a cold glass.  I take it into my den, flip on the baseball game and take a long drink of lemonade.  AGHH!  Smelly ice cubes!  And not just smelly...they’re weird tasting, too.  What the heck?

There are several causes of smelly and bad tasting ice.  It could be my water, my filter or the food in the refrigerator or freezer.  Do you have the same issue with your ice?

If you are making your own ice in those little plastic trays, perhaps it has been too long since you’ve cleaned them? Or, maybe your tap water is to blame? Fill a glass with water from your tap and see if it has an odor or tastes funny… If so, then you’ve solved your dilemma already!!  All you need is to filter your water before putting it in the ice trays. 

If your tap water seems fine, try cleaning your ice trays with warm soapy water, and then soak in a mild bleach and water solution.  After rinsing thoroughly, you are ready to make ice cubes again…and they won’t smell funny!

Now, if you have an automatic ice machine, don’t worry, it’s still a simple issue.  Test the water coming from your fridge (if you have that feature). If the water tastes and smells funny, then you probably just need to change your filter!

Now, if your water seems fine then your problem is most likely with the food you have in your fridge. It’s important to check both the freezer AND the refrigerator.  Without going into excruciating detail explaining how your fridge works, just understand that there is air flow between your freezer and your refrigerated section. If there is spoiled or pungent food in your fridge, this air will flow into your freezer (usually directly across your ice bucket!) and cause your ice to get smelly! At this point you should rummage through both your freezer and your fridge and remove all spoiled or “pastdate” foods. If you have foods with strong odors such as sliced onion or “garlicky” leftovers, make sure they are in a tightly sealed container. At this point, may I also suggest that you take the extra few minutes to wipe down all the surfaces in your freezer and fridge with a mild bleach and water solution... and don’t forget the plastic drawers!  Plastic surfaces can absorb smells, which then linger, even in a clean fridge.  While on the subject of cleaning, did you know that Professional Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80302 cleans tile and grout floors, soft furniture and fine Oriental rugs?

Once you’ve checked your water, your filter, your foods, and wiped down the inside of your unit, one last thing…. It wouldn’t hurt, at this point, to put a couple boxes of baking soda in your unit!  Remember to put them in both the freezer and the fridge sections of your unit! The baking soda will help by absorbing some of the odors that may be caused in the future.

Now, get back to that comfortable chair and ENJOY your drink!