Professional Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304, How Does Carpet Pad Help Your Carpet Last Longer?


How Does Carpet Pad Help Your Carpet Last Longer?

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A carpet pad or an underlayment supports and cushions carpet. Several homeowners give too little attention to this without realizing that padding serves as the foundation of your carpet.  Agood foundation will help support the integrity of your carpet and help it last longer.  Of course, cleaning it regularly with a high quality profesional like Professional Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304, is the BEST thing you can do for long lasting carpet.

Most carpet pad that is sold is called rebond. It is industrial recycled material (cuttings from couch cushions, the foam inside of car door panels, etc.) adhered together to create carpet pad. There are a few important factors to consider when thinking about carpet pad.

·          NEVER buy plain foam pad – It is inexpensive, will crush, and deteriorate. As a rule HRS Flooring/The Carpet Warehouse NEVER sells foam padding.

·          Density – This is how much fiber is in a cubic foot of pad. An 8 lb pad will have 8 pounds of fiber inside of one cubic foot (1 foot wide by 1 foot deep by 1 foot tall). For your home you do not want anything less than 6LB pad, as it will crush and traffic out too soon. 6LB pad is also the minimal requirement for FHA (Federal Housing Admin.). As the pad gets denser it will last longer but feel stiffer. A nice, good quality, cost effective pad with a good overall feel is an 8LB 7/16" pad. It will last as long as your carpet, is not that much more expensive, and it feels good under foot.

·          Thickness – This is the thickness of the pad. You want a thinner piece for berber (3/8" or 5/16") and a thicker piece for plush (3/8"-1/2"). You don't want anything too thick or thin as it can compromise the quality and longevity of your carpet. A good median for plush carpet is 7/16".

·         Bells and Whistles – Some nice options are available on the market today when it comes to carpet pad. They obviously cost more but may serve your purposes better and therefore protect your carpet investment. Some of the options available are:

·          Spill Trap – This is a layer of plastic between the pad and the carpet. Very good for pet owners or people that eat on their carpet. If you get a spill or stain it stays in the carpet and does not pass through to the pad. Spills, odors, and stains are easier to get out of carpet than pad – especially with the new stain treatments available.  And Professional Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304 is an expert at cleaning spills, stains and odors out of your carpet.

·          Memory Foam – Instead of recycled industrial material, this carpet pad has recycled industrial memory foam built in. This means it is a pad that will never crush and is very soft to walk on.

·          Antimicrobial – Antimicrobial carpet pad is treated with an agent that prevents and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Perfect for basements, attics, and anywhere else with moisture issues.