Professional Carpet Cleaning in an Elevator in Boulder, CO.

Do you know why professional carpet cleaning in an elevator in Boulder, CO is a very important part of commercial building maintenance?  Office buildings often have hard floors from their front entry doors, to the elevators that take you to your offices on the higher floors.  While entry mats are often in place, they are usually NEVER long enough to wipe the shoes off of all the crud carried in from outside.  Elevators, however, are almost ALWAYS carpeted.  And this carpet has to withstand hundreds, if not thousands of people and their dirty shoes every day. The area of the carpet is quite small.  So obviously, this very small piece of carpet is responsible for holding more foot traffic than any other carpet in the building.  And sooo.... elevator carpet is often the most dirty carpet in the entire building.  People stand there for a much longer period of time than in other areas.  This allows for much more soil transfer onto elevator carpet.

At Cleancare of Boulder, we have cleaned thousands of elevators over the years.  Sometimes, they have actually gone so long without cleaning that we regretfully cannot even get them clean.  That's how impacted with dirt that elevators actually get.  But if you make elevator carpet cleaning part of your regular building maintenance, your elevator carpet will last much longer and your other carpets will actually benefit, also.  If people tack off the dirt from their shoes onto the elevator carpet, they won't be tracking it onto other carpeted areas!

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