Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80301, 5 Tips to Keep a White Sofa Clean and Bright


5 Tips to Keep a White Sofa White  

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1. Have the fabric initially treated with stain guard.


When your new white sofa arrives home, call up your professional carpet and upholstery cleaner and have us apply Scotchgard fabric protector to the entire piece of furniture.  A professional protector application is simply WAY more “protective” than any stain guard application you can buy from the furniture store or do-it-yourself aerosol cans.  And most companies will include a spot warranty with this protector application that includes free cleaning service if you cannot remove a spot pr spill.  Small spills won’t turn into spots or stains because you’ll be able to quickly wipe them up thanks to the Scotchgard protector applied by Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80301.

2. Professionally clean every 6 months followed by a Scotchgard re-application.

White fabrics can become dingy very quickly.  Keep them vibrant and bright with consistent cleaning and enjoy the piece of mind that comes with your Scotchgrd protective shield.

3. Keep fabric cleaners handy for small spots.

If you have white furniture, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll see a few spots here and there. Spilling a little pop, juice, and even pizza sauce on our couch WILL happen; but since you’ve had it protected with Scotchgard, you’ll be able to quickly wipe most of it up before it stains. However, if there is a little of the stain left behind, just use carpet or fabric cleaner to easily get it out.  And worse case scenario, you can utilize your spot warranty and have your professional at Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80301 clean it for FREE!  

4. Use a lint roller regularly.


This might sound crazy, but using a lint roller on our couch every couple of weeks will remove all the blanket fuzzies, hair, clothes lint, etc. and help it instantly look more white!

5. Rotate the cushions. 


Most people tend to sit in the same spots on our couch, so those cushions get more wear and tear. To compensate for this, shift all the seat and back cushions to the left every couple of weeks (usually when you use the lint roller).  Yes, this might sounds somewhat anal, but it really wills make a difference in how your couch looks and feels! It will help your couch last a lot longer since you won’t always be sitting on the same cushions all the time.

Following these tips will help you maintain the vibrant look of your white upholstery.  Neglecting consistent maintenance will result in dingy, dull and dirty looking off-white furniture. However, while choosing white upholstery does demand extra care and time compared to other choices, however nothing rivals the bright look and fresh appearance it gives to a room.