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What is the Best Upholstery For Kids?


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You’d think by now, that we’d have a furniture upholstery fabric completely and irrevocably impervious to all that a child or pet could throw at it. Unfortunately, we still have to make do with textiles that, albeit beautiful, are sometimes flawed. We did some researching into the various types of upholstery out there to round-up what we think are a few of the best kid and pet-proof fabrics and materials. We’re not going to say whether there’s one best one or not—we think each family must choose the best material for their families needs—but we’re hoping this list will help narrow down the choices and dispel the myths surrounding upholstery for kids.

Leather and Faux-Leather Probably the first upholstery material thought of when keeping the kids in mind—and with good reason: leather is easy to clean. Stains from kids and fur from pets slide right off of leather, and you can keep germs at bay by regularly wiping the material down with gentle cleansers and wipes. So, what are the negatives? Well, leather can be prone to scratches. Sharp edges, claws, fingernails and more can all leave a mark, and while some can be buffed away with leather cleaner, the hassle of seeing scratches on your furniture might be too much to bear regularly. Not too mention leather can be less than comfty, feeling cold in the winter and hot in the summer. While faux-leather might be a deal, real leather can set you back a bit in the pocketbook.

Microfiber and Microsuede Another popular pick for material in the homes of families are microfiber or microsuede sofas and chairs (microfiber being a general term for fabric made up of many tiny fibers woven tightly and microsuede a material designed to be similar to suede). Microfiber materials are most well-known for being stain-resistant, meaning they can stain, but the weave is tight enough that it shouldn’t sink in too quickly, and you should have time to clean the stain up. Though many pet owners say that it’s easy enough to clean off fur with a vacuum or lint roller, others complain that fur gets woven into the tight weaves. Though not the perfect, prices are reasonable and the look is fairly comfortable.

Other Common Synthetic Materials Acrylic, polyester, nylon, velvet and olefin (or a combination, in some cases) fabrics can be used on furniture with some success because they are strong and also fairly easy to clean, not to mention resistant to static. Watch this video to see how they are professinally cleaned.  Just consider treating with a stain resistant substance to help maximize the stain fighting power. 

Patterned Ahh, the old “find something so patterned you won’t be able to see stains or tears or wear in it” trick. While most of us will probably opt for neutral, textured or solid-colored furniture pieces in order to maximize design schemes, there’s no denying that stains will show up more easily on solid-colored upholstery. Quite popular in the Mid-Century and somewhat experiencing a resurgence, there are now a number furniture manufacturers offering their products in patterned upholstery. If you’re not one who gets tired of designs quickly, this could be the route for you. Bonus points if you pick a pattern in the colors of the drinks your family consumes most often!  But if not, professionals like Cleancare are here to help with outstanding professional upholstery cleaning for less than you might think.

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