Quality counts when selecting new carpet and a good carpet cleaner in Boulder, CO

Buying new carpet can be confusing and frustrating.  What are you getting for your money.  Just like with your professional carpet cleaner, quality makes a difference!

What determines the cost of carpet?

From C & F Flooring and Rug Gallery

Branded vs. Unbranded YarnCarpet mills manufacture the carpet, but the yarn from which the carpet is made comes from many different sources. The quality of the yarn, and whether or not it is “branded,” play a significant part in determining the price of the carpet. When you hear a carpet is a Stainmaster, Tactese or Anso Nylon, we’re talking about the brand of yarn. These yarns are specially treated for stain resistance, wear ability and overall appearance. Buying a branded yarn is similar to buying a well-known brand name in electronic equipment or Egyptian cotton sheets.

The Weight of the CarpetAnother issue in determining the quality and price of the carpet is the weight, which might be considered similar to thread count in material. Heavier weight carpets are thicker. They generally last longer and are richer.

Fiber ContentSome of the most expensive products we offer, and with good reason, are the wool and wool/silk blend carpets and rugs. It’s hard to recreate the luster, texture and color of a natural fiber. Wool has some wonderful, natural properties, designs and colors that simply cannot be copied. Nylon is one of our most dependable, durable carpet fibers in our store. Carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO. We sell more nylon than any other product. Nylon wears really well, is stain resistant, feels wonderfully soft and looks great in lots of colors and patterns. Our most inexpensive fibers are polyester, polypropylene and olefin - all good-looking products at a great price

Design Just like clothing, linens and fabrics, the carpet mills hire designers to create rug and carpet designs which are deemed more exclusive. The design, pattern and color choices of the carpet play a big role in determining the cost of the carpet. We offer some of the finest, most exclusive carpets and rugs and we’re adding new lines all the time. If you have your heart set on the trendiest, coolest carpets around, you’ll probably have to pay a little more. Then again, we try to find some of the designer knock-offs too because not everyone with great taste can afford the designer price tag! You can trust us to help steer youtowards the right product for your budget and your sense of style.