Your Scotchgard™ Protector Applicator in Boulder


Why You Need a Protective Barrier On Your Carpets and Upholstered Furniture

New carpeting is treated with protector by the manufacturer. Carpet and upholstery protector prolongs the life of your carpet or furniture. It acts as a barrier against the abuse you initiate on your textiles!  Protector coats the fibers in your carpet or upholstery so that spills, grease, grime and food won't penetrate into them. It gives you a chance to clean things up before a spot becomes an unbearable, permanent stain.  Also, since it is coating those fibers, when you walk on your carpet, the abrasion from your shoes won't be wearing on the fibers. Similarly, abrasion form your clothing, like jean rivets, will wear on the Scotchgard, not on the upholstery fabric. You'll be wearing the protector out instead of your textiles! Carpet and furniture will last a lot longer if you regularly replace this protective coating and it's best if done after every cleaning. 

Pricing:  Carpet: $.15/ sq foot, Sofa: $75, Love Seat: $49, Sectional Sofa: $110,

Easy Chair/Recliner: $30, Ottoman: $17, Kitchen Chair: $12.

    Using cheap, ineffective protector for your carpet and furniture would do neither of us any good.  YOU are paying good money to prolong the life of your carpets and/or upholstery fabrics when you request protector. And I not only want you to be absolutely pleased with its performance, but having protectant on your textiles also makes my job easier the next time you have me clean them for you! It improves cleaning quality!!


Cleancare uses only the finest carpet and fabric protector in existence.:

In my over 20 years of professional cleaning, you can believe that I've gone through a lot of trial and error when it comes to using protectants. I've heard a lot of claims by various manufacturers about their miracle products, some are well founded, some are not. But honestly- what word immediately comes to mind when you think of a protector for your carpet? Scotchgard™, right? There is a reason why it has such an outstanding reputation. Scotchgard™ simply works incredibly well!

Many people are skeptical about spending additional money for protector to be applied after they just paid for professional cleaning. Some look at me like I'm a shady used car salesman when I bring the subject up!!  BUT...

YOU Get a One Year Spot and Spill Warranty!!

Peace of Mind.  That's what you get when you have Cleancare apply Scotchgard protector on your carpet . In fact, when you purchase at least 500 sq feet of Scotchgard™ protector for your carpet, I'll throw in a one year spot and spill warranty.

I'll leave a One Year Warranty Certificate with you. Your Scotchgard™ purchase includes a free bottle of Avenge spotter. During the next year, if you have spots or spills in the cleaned areas that the Avenge will not take out, then we will make 2 FREE service visits to remove those spots!!


Have Cleancare Apply Scotchgard Protector. YOU Aren't the Only One Living On Your Carpet!!

Prolong the life of your carpet and upholstery.

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