Should You Clean RV Carpet in Longmont, CO?

Many recreational vehicles or "campers" as we called them when I was a kid, now have carpeted flooring. While the practicality of putting carpet in an RV is certainly worth arguing about, most larger RVs have carpet. So this begs the question, "Should you clean RV carpet in Longmont, CO?"

If you enjoy riding bikes, hiking, fishing, motorcycles or many other outdoor activities while you are camping, how clean are the shoes or boots you are  wearing into your RV?  Sure, you can follow the "NO Shoes Allowed!" policy, but you and I both know that eventually, that rule is forgotten.  Especially on longer camping trips when you forget how dirty you're getting! You are tracking in a lot of soil onto that carpet.

If you enjoy campfires while you camp, you are bringing in the smoke and soot from the ground into your RV and tracking it onto your carpet. That's about as dirty a soiling source as there is!  And don't forget about food and beverage spills as sometimes seating arrangements are awkward and people just are not as careful about spilling as they are at home. Carpet can only hold so much before it looks awful and becomes ruined.

Have us steam clean all that soil out of your RV carpet.  It can be done anytime of year, but Fall may be the best time as it will dry fast and you can get it all cleaned up before you store it for the Winter. Wouldn't it be nice to have fresh clean carpet when you pull your RV out next Spring or Summer?

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