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The 5 Crazy Things That Carpet Cleaners Do That Drive Everyone Crazy.

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1.         Telemarketing:  There’s nothing worse than having your family dinner interrupted by an unwelcome pest telling you that he’s going to be in your neighborhood and has a “special deal” just for you.  Shouldn’t YOU know when you are ready to clean and do the calling yourself and be free from being hassled?

2.         Bait and Switch:  So many carpet cleaners offer super-low prices hoping you call them for service– that’s the bait!  Once they arrive… the switch is on!  You should always expect a firm, written quote before ANY equipment is brought into your home.  That way, you can kick the cleaners out before they hike the price to astronomical levels and try to intimidate you into paying since they already “started the cleaning.”

3.         Unsupported Claims:  “This cleaning method is the Best.”  You’ll read this in almost every ad from carpet cleaners.  Check your carpet warranty, get testimonials / references and identify your objectives– what do you want the professional to accomplish for you?  If all you want is cheap, brush the dirt off cleaning, it won’t take much searching to accomplish that goal. But when you’re in the market for a thorough, healthful cleaning, you’ll need to do your homework. Try Superior, CO 80027 carpet cleaner.

4.         Worthless Guarantees:  “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!”  Where have you heard that before?  Oh yeah, I forgot-  EVERYWHERE!  You hear this all the time.  If everything is always truly guaranteed, then why are there so many carpet cleaner horror stories out there?  You should be confident that your carpet cleaning company has an iron-clad, No-risk guarantee.  Your total satisfaction should be the very least that any company should provide.  This is where references and testimonials are important.

5.         Wasted Time:  Have you ever had to wait all day for a service company?  It’s as if YOUR time is not valuable, right?  A one hour or two hour (at most!) window for an appointment is standard for a quality professional carpet cleaning company.  Making you wait any longer than that simply shows lack of respect for YOU.  A service company’s uncoordinated schedule should never become the customer’s problem!  You DO have a life, after all. One hour window at Superior, CO 80027 carpet cleaner.