The Best Professional Floor Grout Sealing in Boulder, CO.

The grout on your tile floor should always have a layer of sealer on it.  Tile grout is a very porous material, very much like cement.  If your car has ever leaked on your garage floor, you know how porous cement is.  Good luck getting that oil off an unsealed cement floor.  It has soaked that oil up down deep.  This video shows the best professional floor grout sealing in Boulder, CO.

Most contractors will  (and always should) seal your floor grout after installation. But I have come across many installations that have zero sealer on the grout.  A good way to test for sealer is to pour a very small amount of water on your floor grout. If it beads up like water would on a freshly waxed car (see picture below), than you have a good grout seal layer on your flooring.  If it does not bead up, chances are, your grout is dirty and stained.  Sometimes, stains on floor grout that has not been sealed are permanent because they have soaked in so deeply into the grout.  Have your grout sealed BEFORE this happens to you!

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