The Finest Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO.

After the kids go to college and/or leave home, a husband and wife have time to themselves, lots of quiet and a house with furnishings that do not get instantaneously dirty a minute after they are cleaned or picked up.  They can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying their home.  The kitchen does not get piled up with dishes in the sink. The two of them actually know how to open the dishwasher door and place dishes inside. Their kids, somehow, just could never get that concept!  Floors get swept and mopped much less frequently, yet they are cleaner because the man and woman take off their shoes upon entering the house. At this point, they don't even need the finest upholstery cleaning in Boulder, CO. is less hectic and more relaxing.  They miss their kids, but... well, you know.

But then it happens.  Their daughter's husband loses his job and they cannot afford their mortgage.  They are forced to sell their home and cannot afford to buy another until he finds  work.  And the parents wonderful, peaceful life is turned on its head as they accept their daughter's family with open arms.  The family includes two kids, 8 and 6 and two golden retrievers, messy and shedding.  And their spotless, neat house quickly turns into a disaster area, with spilled food and drinks, mud and dog hair everywhere. Every day they wear a smile and remain supportive, but in the back of the older couple's mind, they wonder how long this will go on.

And then, ten LONG... ahem... short months, the daughter's hubby lands a job.  Two months later they have bought another home and they are OUT OF THERE!  After watching the moving truck drive off, the couple embraces with joy and then hold each other up out of shear exhaustion. And then they turn and gaze out over the carnage of their once pristine home.  "Well, lets get to work," he winks at his wife.

"You see the same spills and pet stains that I do?" she asks him?  

"Yep, and filthy furniture with dog oil and food stains everywhere, too." he answers.  

"So by you saying 'Lets get to work,' you really mean, lets call Cleancare of Boulder, don't you?"

 "You got it Sweetheart. Cleancare can return this place to it sparkling clean best and we don't have to lift a finger.  And I think I speak for both of us when I say that I love those kids, but they exhaust me!"

"Call Cleancare.  NOW!"  his wife replies while gently squeezing his arm.

If you are in need of the finest upholstery cleaning in Boulder, CO, call Cleancare of Boulder at: Ph.: 303-530-0646.