The Most Recommended Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO 80304, Holiday Carpet Cleaning Bait and Switch.


Holiday Carpet Cleaning Bait and Switch

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Cleancare of Boulder in Boulder, CO is launching a campaign to educate consumers on the dangers of bait and switch carpet cleaning.  Known as The Most Recommended Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO 80304, they want to put the word out to folks in Boulder, CO about the bad apples in the professional cleaning industry. 

As the holiday season approaches, more consumers hire a carpet cleaner than at any other time of year.  During this time, unethical bait and switch carpet cleaning companies ramp up their advertising.  You'll see prices as low as $4.95 per room advertised for carpet cleaning.  What a deal, right?

Whoa, wait a minute before you fork over your money.  Do you really believe ANY quality professional service can really be delivered to your home and done for anything close to FOUR Dollars and ninety five cents?  In today’s economy?  Really?  We’re not talking a WhopperTM, fries and a drink, here. Consider the expenses: superior cleaning equipment often costing over $75,000  to acquire, quality cleaning products, bonding and insurance, workman’s comp, fuel, time to drive to and from your home, set-up and breakdown time, time to actually clean your carpet, and competitive wages. 

Most experts in the field say, no– NOT POSSIBLE!  In fact, the too-good-to-be-true low price only attracts the prospect thinking he will get a great deal.  But when the real price is given, it's a whole different story.

John Braun, consultant to the carpet cleaning industry, said, "A professional cleaning company can't deliver a good carpet cleaning for $5 per room or $69 for a whole house.  In most cases, companies that advertise that low of a price will switch the price once in the home.  And the companies that actually charge that low of a price normally have to cut margins so low that they don't have the resources to deliver a quality carpet cleaning."

Some of the ways these companies cut costs is to water down cleaning chemicals.  Often, employee salaries are very low, which pushes them to get more jobs done so they can do more unethical “upselling” which leaves little time to do quality work.  Also, many times, training for these type of companies is not done at all or is very limited.  They cannot afford to take the time to train– it’s not in their tiny budget.

Ken Strid, owner of Cleancare of Boulder, states, "It would be nice if we could all get something for nothing.  But, I know when I personally purchase a product or service, I’m wary of the too-good-to-be-true price.  ‘What is wrong with it?’ and ‘What is the catch?’ are immediate questions in my mind.  A professional carpet cleaning company is just the same as every other company on Earth.  They still have to be profitable to stay in business.  They have expertise and equipment that a homeowner does not have and cannot match even with rental machines.  So if a carpet cleaning company is offering to clean your home for the same price as you could do it yourself, what is wrong with that picture? 

Now, you may get “lucky” and take advantage of a well meaning company that is new to the industry and has no idea how to price their quality services.  They’re just copying the low prices they see in adds and trying to compete.  But a high quality service company charging low, low prices will soon go out of business as they won’t be able to pay their overhead.  Purchasing their services only contributes to business failure.

Your two other options are You will either have a bait-and-switcher in your home and pay more than you intended while probably getting shoddy service from an unethical rogue, or you’ll get “splash-and-dash” service that will leave you with a wet, unclean and moldy mess.  Is that what you really want?  What were you truly expecting from someone offering such a low, low price?  Four dollars and ninety five cents?”

Cleancare of Boulder is a family run carpet cleaning business serving Boulder County, CO and surrounding areas for over fourteen years.  Their services include carpet cleaning, fine rug washing, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout floor cleaning with steam, mattress cleaning, garage floor (concrete) cleaning and auto carpet and upholstery cleaning.  Ken Strid, the Owner is a certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification as a “Master Textile Cleaner.”

Get their report, "Consumer’s Inside Guide to Carpet Cleaning" at The Most Recommended Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO 80304.