Tile and Grout Cleaning. Why Do You Need a Professional?


By Brenda Priddy, eHow Contributor

Tile is often used in bathrooms and other rooms as a hard flooring option. The main problem with tile floors is that dirt, stains and grime can get caught between the tiles in the grout, causing discoloration and a dirty appearance. In extreme cases it is necessary to hire a professional tile and grout cleaner to eliminate all stains and grime from the grout and tiles

  1. Professional Practices

    • Professional grout and tile cleaners are able to clean almost any kind of grout and tile, no matter how dirty. Most grout cleaners use a particular form of grout cleaning that works well for nearly every kind of tile and grout. A cleaning solution is added to the floor and allowed to sit for a while. Then a special steam extraction machine is used to suck up the dirt and grime. Sometimes a pressurized water spray is also used in conjunction or separate from the vacuum to blast dirt out from grout pores. This kind of pressure cleaning can only be done by a professional because they offer controlled environments and the perfect amount of pressure that will not damage the tiles or grout. Occasionally grout is too dirty to be cleaned and will have to be professionally replaced. Many companies will then seal the grout and tile to prevent future stains.

    Choosing a Professional

    • There are several questions that you should prepare to ask any contractor who may clean your tiles and grout. Ask each company what styles of cleaning they offer and if they use non-toxic cleaners and chemicals. Ask the cleaner company what they will do if the tile becomes damaged or if they cannot get the tile cleaned. Ask the company if they also offer grout or tile replacement and if they seal their work afterward. In addition to this, each company should present a cost estimate up front and also estimate the time necessary to complete the job.

    Do-It-Yourself Cleaning

    • In some cases it may not be necessary to hire a professional cleaner to get professional results. There are many products that can be purchased or rented that can be used to clean grout and tile yourself. Hand-held power steamers and cleaners work well to dissolve dirt and grime from between tiles. Many companies sell professional-strength cleaners that will lift stains and grime from tile grout. Always make sure to use a non-toxic cleaner. Finish the process with a grout and tile sealer to prevent further work cleaning tiles and grout.