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Keep Your Home Cleaner With Walk Off Mats

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Every entry that is used should have an outside mat and inside mat.

The outside mat needs to be rough enough to remove mud and other debris and soil.  It is designed to dislodge and scrape off large dirt particles including snow.  It should be able to withstand the elements and be tall enough so that it has someplace for the dirt to drop into.  Tile and grout cleaning in Boulder, CO. Otherwise it will quickly become caked with soil and won’t do its job.  Outside mats need to be shaken out regularly– especially during bad weather.  When maintained properly, these mats will last for years.

Additionally, there should be an inside mat at all of these same entrances that is absorbent to remove any moisture.  The inside mat should be heavy enough to lay flat and have either a rubberized back or rubber pad underneath to prevent it from slipping or creeping.  These mats should be small and light enough to be washed in your washer– which should be done regularly.  There purpose is to wipe off light soils, moisture,  and oily soils.

Another area for floor mats that many people never consider is any carpet entry from the kitchen.  While you are cooking, the air moves much of the cooking oils to the hard floor service of your kitchen.  Tile and grout cleaning in Boulder, CO. Along with consistent mopping with a grease cutting cleanser, floor mats place before you step onto the carpet will keep that oily residue off the carpet– preventing those entry points from turning dark or even black.

Properly placed mats will reduce the need for spot and stain removal for the garage, driveway or street.  They will collect the majority of the soil that would have been brought into your home had they not been there.  Traffic wear patterns in the carpet will be less likely. And you will have to vacuum your carpet and tile or wood floors less and have them both cleaned less frequently.