Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304, Why Your Carpet is the Last Thing You Should Vacuum


Why Your Carpet is the Last Thing You Should Vacuum

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While most people associate vacuuming with carpets, carpets are actually the last thing you should vacuum in your vacuuming routine. Regular cleaning of all household surfaces affected by dust is imperative to the health and general well-being of allergy sufferers. Just think of the dust you see billow out of your upholstered furniture when you give a cushion a good thump. Professional cleaning from Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304 can help you with this particular problem. But it's important for you to know to know how to clean properly so that the dust doesn't become airborne and inhaled.  Very important: Using a high quality vacuum cleaner will help.

Vacuuming Top to Bottom

Start removing dust in your home from the highest levels where dust accumulates and work your way down. Not all of these places may seem to be accessible with your vacuum cleaner, and dusting with an electrostatic dust cloth is often a good option. Remember that dusting with a cloth alone or with a traditional feather duster does little to capture dust and rather just stirs it up into the air. When doing any kind of dusting, it's a good idea to wear a mask in order to minimize inhalation of dust particles.

Vacuuming even seemingly difficult areas is often the best option because it sucks the dust right out of the home environment in one easy sweep. Special universal vacuum attachments for virtually every household dusting task are available. For instance, there are attachments for cleaning ceiling fans and attachments for cleaning mini-blinds - both decidedly inconvenient to clean, and both exceptional dust magnets.

Vacuum cleaner attachments are handy for the entire top-to-bottom routine. Bookshelves and knick-knack shelves are not to be missed; soft brushes or special dusting brushes do the job well. Don't forget to vacuum drapery too, which can trap and hold dust in its folds, especially if they are heavy drapes. Vacuuming drapes requires less suction than vacuuming many other things, so be sure to lower suction power. (Some recommend shaking drapery to get the dust off and onto the carpet, but this is not the best option for asthma and allergy sufferers because the dust becomes airborne and inhaled. Vacuuming is a better option because the dust goes directly from the drapes into the vacuum bag or canister.)

Moving downward, don't forget easily overlooked areas like spaces above cabinets, the tops of picture frames, wainscoting, windowsills, and baseboards. A quick sweep with a brush attachment or crevice tool gets the job done easily and effectively.

Another major area that needs the vacuum cleaner's attention is upholstered furniture, which can hold loads of dust and dust mites. Again, have you ever thumped your sofa cushion on a sunny day and seen what comes up into the air? This, of course, can be helped or even prevented by regular vacuuming of upholstery as well as by subsequent annual professional cleaning from Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304 (Make sure the attachment you're using is not dirty from use on the floors when you go to clean your furniture.).  And don’t forget regular professional cleanings from Upholstery Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304. Lampshades, particularly textured ones, are also good candidates for vacuuming. In fact, dusting them can push the dirt even further into them.