We Clean Attorney Office Carpet in Boulder, CO.

Why would we clean attorney office carpet in Boulder, CO?  Aren't attorney offices pristine places where people in clean dress shoes work in a neat and quiet atmosphere?  

No matter where the carpet is, partners, employees and clients still have to come in from the outside.  Their shoes bring in soils, sticky residues and pollution from the air like carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke. After time, day after day, all of those foot steps add up on the traffic lanes in an office.  Pretty soon, that once inviting office reception area along with the carpeted halls on which your clients are invited to walk with you to your personal office space, quickly look drab and dingy because of the dirty carpet.  In other words, it does not look very professional or high class any more!

Another large contributor to soiled carpet in office situations is food and drink spills. Until someone mentions it, they might even go unnoticed.  But, eventually, there will be a large coffee, juice or soda spill, and then you will notice all the little drip marks that are positioned all over the office space.  How did it get that way? Well, most people feel more comfortable with a cup in their hand.  It can be coffee, tea, juice or soda, but when they turn a corner, they commit corner slosh.  When they bump into somebody else in the halls, their bump and run results in drips from their cup.  And there is always the "oh-did-I-do-that?", when the cup just slips completely out of their hand either from being startled or just from complete lack of coordination. And then you have a major coffee spill on your carpet that nobody can ignore.  That's usually when we get the call for our professional carpet cleaning and spot removal services.

Have no fear, however, Cleancare of Boulder is here!  We can usually always remove food and beverage spills. But do not wait to long to have spills removed.  The longer you wait to call a professional, the more likely an acidic liquid such as coffee can become set or etched into your carpet fibers.  In some cases, coffee can even bleach the color of those fibers, causing permanent damage  If you have any further questions about how we clean attorney office carpet in Boulder, CO or just need your professional office carpet cleaned, give us a call today at Ph.: 303-530-0646.