We Just Finished Cleaning a Carpet in Lafayette, CO 80026!


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By Crystal Ray

April 3, 2011

Cleancare of Boulder Carpet Cleaning cleans carpet in Lafayette, CO 80026!

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ADVISORY:  Ammonia is Back To Basics Cleaning

Ammonia is a fantastic product that has been used in cleaning for more than one hundred years. It is cheap and easy to use to remove all types of stains. However, other cleaners have taken over the market with clever ads, bold labels and empty promises. Go back to basics, and use ammonia to remove stains on clothes using the following easy tips and guidelines. They should come right out!

Precautionary Statement.  Never use ammonia with bleach or commercial cleaners. The resulting fumes could be deadly. No Joke– take this seriously.

Blood Stains on Clothes.  Fresh blood stains on clothing are easy to break down with hydrogen peroxide, but dried blood stains can be a little more difficult to remove. Ammonia can do the job. Fill a basin or bucket with approximately two gallons of cool water. Stir in about three tablespoons of household ammonia. Soak the clothes until the blood stains have significantly faded. Apply liquid non-bleach dish soap to the stains, and wash the clothes in cold water as usual.

Grease Stains on Work Clothes.  Work clothes that become stained with black grease are difficult to clean. The water ends up looking like mud, and with ordinary laundry detergent alone they rarely end up completely clean. Even the final rinse water ends up looking dirty, and the clothes cannot possibly be clean when they spin for the last time. Use ammonia to remove the stains. Soak the work clothes in the hottest water possible along with one-half cup of non-sudsy ammonia for at least thirty minutes before washing. Wash the clothes as usual with laundry detergent and another half cup of ammonia. The fabric will be much cleaner and far fresher.

Remove Oil-Based Paint.  When latex paint dries on clothes it is nearly impossible to remove without damaging the fibers of the fabric. However, it is possible to remove oil-based paint. Combine equal amounts of household ammonia and turpentine, and apply it to the dry stains. Allow it to work for approximately eight hours before laundering separately from other clothes. The stains should come right off

A Standard Mixture to Remove Stubborn Stains:

Coffee and other naturally and artificially dyed foods can cause some of the most difficult stains, but ammonia can take them right out. For an effective all-purpose stain remover combine one teaspoon of ammonia with two teaspoons of white vinegar, six tablespoons of bleach-free dishwashing liquid and six cups of water. Pour it into a clean spray bottle, and use this mixture for pre-treating all types of stains on clothes. This will remove the marks as effectively or even more efficiently as expensive commercial products.


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