Cleancare's Iron Clad Guarantee...


100% IRON-CLAD, Better Than a Satisfaction, Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee!


"You'll get the most thorough cleaning ever, or it's FREE. 

If for any reason you're not thrilled with our service,

we'll return as soon as we can and re-clean for FREE. 

If you're still not pleased, we'll return 100% of what you paid for the area you are not satisfied with.

No questions asked, No hard feelings.  We Promise.  BUT...

It doesn't end there!!

We give YOU more than just a satisfaction guarantee.  Hey- it IS called an 'Iron-Clad Guarantee!'

We ALSO guarantee no spots will return.  Not ever!  Furthermore, for the 1st week after we clean, if someone should accidently track dirt on it or spill on it, just simply pick up the phone and tell us aout it.  We'll come out as soon as we can and remove the spot or spill for FREE!"


No other company in Boulder has a guarantee stronger than this!

What could be more fair? 

At Cleancare of Boulder, We make friends of our clients, NOT enemies!  -Ken


This Guarantee applies to all services we perform except the following:

Pet urine removal.  Because of the repeat nature of pet stain contamination and the unpredictablility of the exact contamination location, pet urine removal is not guaranteed.