Who Cleans Carpets After Messy Contractors in Boulder, CO?

Home remodeling season is here.  Now that the weather is warm, thoughts turn to home improvement.  We all have areas in our home we would like to gut and remodel.  But much of your house is fine the way it is.  So what do you do in those areas in between your front door and the remodeling zone?  You know, those areas the contractors trudge through with their muddy boots and dirty tools and materials?  Those areas can get absolutely filthy during the remodeling process.  Some people feel like they have to remodel the area that got ruined during their remodeling!  Now that can be a financial dilemma!  This video shows us cleaning carpet that got soiled by contractors in a master bedroom outside of our client's beautiful master bathroom remodel.

Carpeted areas are especially vulnerable to this abuse. I've been working in homes where construction contractors are working at the same time.  And try as they might, the majority of these hard working people do not understand how to keep your home clean while they are working. Examples of this are how they roll equipment into your home after rolling it thorough dirt and mud outside.  Where did that dirt from their wheels go?  Right into your carpet.  Or, they politely put on booties or shoe covers over their dirty boots, but leave them on while they are trudging around outside.  What good does that do?  In construction situations such as this, you're probably going to need to know who cleans carpets after messy contractors in Boulder, CO. Don't worry, you will most likely NOT need to replace that carpet.  As long as it was in good shape before the remodel, we can clean up after just about any construction contractor situation.

So who cleans carpets after messy contractors in Boulder, CO?  We do at Cleancare of Boulder!  Call us today at Ph.: 303-530-0646.