Who Cleans Dirty Restaurant Carpet in Boulder, CO?

If you have good food, I want to try your restaurant. I love having a great meal at a nice eatery.  But did you get that last part?  At a nice eatery.  You don't have to have a great piece of property with a great view and a cool building.  But I want to feel comfortable in a pleasant, CLEAN place.  

Have you looked down at the carpet in your restaurant lately?  Often, it's the last thing owners or managers think about in a restaurant.  You've got hundreds of things to think about in running your business.  Chances are, carpet cleaning is not even on your to-do list. However.... Your customers ARE looking down at your carpet.

When people are having dinner in your establishment, they are often there with friends.  Friends are fun to go out to eat with and catch up on things through lively conversation.  But guess what happens when that conversation has it's lulls?  People look down, thinking about what else there is to talk about.  And they are staring right down at your very soiled carpet.  Guess what the next topic of conversation is?  Yep- they'll be talking about how dirty your carpet is and how unhealthy your restaurant might be.  They might even spread the word outside of your restaurant. This might be a good time for you to ask, "Who cleans dirty restaurant carpet in Boulder, CO?"

How do I know that your carpet is dirty?  Well, if your are not on a regular carpet cleaning schedule, it is impossible for it NOT to be dirty.  Oils from cooking in the kitchen are air born and travel to your carpet and are also tracked on to the carpet by your wait staff.  While vacuuming helps, it simply cannot remove this soil attracting residue from your kitchen. But, professional hot water extraction CAN. If you get on a regular cleaning maintenance schedule, your carpets will look bright and clean and improve the health and appearance of your restaurant immediately!

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