Who Cleans Grungy Restaurant Tile and Grout Floors in Boulder, CO?

The video above is about who cleans grungy restaurant tile and grout floors in Boulder, CO. Restaurant floors can be your most overlooked areas of cleaning in your business. You want your eating establishment to be attractive for your customers, so you go to great lengths to keep your restaurant clean. Most everything above the floors is spotless. Your front entry doors are wiped down every day. The waiting area has clean seats and walls.  Your hostess station is modern and attractive and the uniforms on your hostesses are clean and pressed for that great first impression. Tables are cleared and wiped down, seats are cleaned off and silverware, glassware and dishes are spotless.  So your place looks great and creates a comfortable, healthy atmosphere.

But did you know that the first thing that any customer does when they first walk into the door of any establishment is to look down?  So where is your customer getting her first impression?  Your floors.  Uh-oh. Hey, it's  understandable. When you work in a place every day, you don't notice the things that a person entering your place for the first time notices.  Have you been ignoring your dirty floors this year?  Or maybe has it been multiple years? And by ignoring your floors, we're not talking about daily mopping by that dirty old, smelly mop your staff grudgingly drags across the floor every night.  Getting the floor wet with a dirty mop does not actually clean it.

Restaurant floors typically have layers of cooking oils that have traveled from the kitchen through the air as well as from your wait staff's shoes (and your's)!  These oily residues need strong cleaning products and a powerful removal system to cut through to a clean floor.  And your floor grout cannot possibly get clean using a mop. Grout is like troughs below the surface of your tile that mops cannot reach down into. In fact, mops make grout dirtier by sweeping more sludge into the grout from the floor! Chances are there are years worth of germ infested dark sludge lying in your floor's grout.  Go ahead, take a look.  Like what you see?  Don't worry, many restaurants have this problem as it is a slow developing issue and just doesn't get noticed.  I mean, you do have many other things to worry about, right?

If you'd like professional help in cleaning up your tile and grout floors, who cleans grungy restaurant tile and grout floors in Boulder, CO?  Well, we're glad you asked.  Watch the video above and you will see the answer for your dirty restaurant tile and grout floor.  We have an indoor tile and grout power washing system that is simply amazing.  We'll even give you a FREE demo to see how we can transform your floor back to like-new condition!  Give us a call at Cleancare of Boulder at Ph.: 303-530-0646.