Why Are All Professional Carpet Cleaners Not the Same in Boulder, CO?

A question often asked is, "Why are all professional carpet cleaners not the same in Boulder, CO?"  Mostly, it hinges on expertise and professionalism.  Any Tom, Dick or Harry can go buy a cleaning machine and call themselves a "Carpet Cleaner." Some are very cheap and will just give you a surface cleaning. They quickly fly through your house with weak equipment and ineffective cleaning chemicals and just give your carpet a quick once over.  And that's probably fine if your carpet is not very dirty. But if you have kids, pets, or it's just been a very long time since you have cleaned your carpet, you will need much more than the cheap service of inexperienced carpet technicians. Hiring an experienced professional, who has the best equipment and utilizes the finest cleaning products made specifically for your carpet, is a must.

When you have advanced soiling, food and drink spills and extra gunk brought in by dogs or cats, you will be better served by hiring an experienced professional who specializes in deep cleaning your carpet.  Extreme, high temperatures are necessary when cleaning advanced soiling.  The higher the temps, the cleaner your carpet will get. Then, advanced soil and stain releasing cleaning agents made specifically for carpet must be utilized for the best possible soil removal. Detergents meant for other surfaces can be too extreme for your carpet as they can rot out your carpet's foundation and void your carpet's warranty because of their high pH.

If you hire the cheapest carpet cleaner you can find, he may bring in a portable carpet cleaner that is similar to one that you could rent yourself.  Or, he may have some 30 year old dinosaur truck mounted machine that is on it's last legs, barely heats water and has very little vacuum pressure.  And on the way to your home he'll stop off at the local Home Depot or Lowes and by the cheapest garage floor degreaser (it was on sale) he can to spray on your dirty carpet.  He has to do these things because he has very little money to invest into his equipment and materials because of the very low prices he charges. In fact, cheap carpet cleaning companies usually go out of business quickly because nobody uses them a second time (except for low end apartment owners) and they go broke.

So, why are all professional carpet cleaners not the same in Boulder, CO?  It's like comparing apples and oranges (and there are many bad apples in the carpet cleaning industry). A cheap cleaner is only interested in how fast he can do your job and how many homes he can clean in one day. He'll dash through your home and leave your carpet soaking wet and still dirty. But an experienced pro will charge a fair price for his expertise and the time and effort he puts into cleaning your home.  He owns the best equipment in the industry that will provide extreme, high temperatures and maximum vacuum to release as much soil and moisture from your carpet as possible. And he knows how to use his cleaning products correctly to provide you with the best results for cleaning your "impossible" spots and spills. In fact, while you'll get little or no spot removal from a cheap company, a quality, experienced professional has an arsenal of spot removing products for each specific spot and stain in your home. Whether it's chocolate, coffee, wine, blood, beer, milk, makeup, soda, ink, pet urine, vomit, feces, makeup or many others, we have the specific products to remove those things from your carpet.

When you decide you need a professional carpet cleaner, it is because your carpet looks dirty.  Modern carpet fibers are designed to hide soil.  So if your carpet looks dirty, it is filthy!  So don't hire a cleaner who won't take the time to clean your carpet in a truly professional manner.  Why hire anyone at all if all you'll end up with is a wet, moldy mess that isn't any cleaner than when you made the call? You should get what you are calling a professional carpet cleaner for in the first place: Like-new, fresh, fluffy clean carpet that stays clean longer and dries quickly!

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