Why Does Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO Make My Carpet Feel Crunchy?

By Ken Strid, Owner of Cleancare of Boulder.

When you have had your carpet professionally cleaned, you should be able to expect it to be free of soil, stains should be gone and it should feel soft and fluffy.  But I have often heard from clients who used a previous carpet cleaner that they don’t like that crunchy feel of their carpet after it has been cleaned.  I don’t believe that your carpet should ever feel crunchy or stiff after cleaning, but I do know what may cause that condition.

Why Does Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO Make My Carpet Feel Crunchy?  Three Causes of Crunchy Carpet:

1.     Soapy Residue:  Whether you clean your carpet yourself and use a chemical from the hardware or grocery store or you use a cheap carpet cleaning company, using an incorrect cleaning chemical may coat your carpet fibers in soapy residue.  Using an all purpose cleaner that is not designed for carpet, will not properly flush it out with water.  The chemical’s frothy suds will just get stuck in your carpet fibers.  This will make your carpet fibers stiff and crunchy feeling when you walk barefoot on them. While vacuuming frequently will help remove residue, only a thorough hot water extraction cleaning (and don’t use that same joker you did before) will remove it completely.

2.     Not Neutralizing Your Carpet. Another problem with either using an all purpose cleaning chemical or hiring a cheap carpet cleaning company is that your carpet will probably be left in an alkaline state.  At Cleancare of Boulder, our main traffic lane cleaning product is at a pH of 9.  Neutralizing carpet is done by simply adding a low pH rinse agent to the water you are rinsing the cleaning product out of your carpet with.  Making our rinse a 4 or 5 pH (a pH of 7 is neutral) will neutralize the alkalinity of our cleaning product.  Carpet left in a neutral state should not feel stiff and crunchy if the proper amount of time has been taken to rinse out the cleaning product.  But this may not happen with a cheap carpet cleaning company. And a rinse agent may not come with your rented carpet cleaning machine.

3.     Harsh Cleaning Chemicals. Cleaning chemicals found at Home Depot or such stores that promise to remove every stain known to man are almost always too high in their pH levels for cleaning carpet, sometimes as high as a 14 pH.  It’s not wise to use the same chemical on your carpet as you are using to clean the grease off of your garage floor! The higher the pH over 7, the higher the alkalinity.  The higher the alkalinity, the stronger cleaning power of the chemical.  And a high pH chemical not intended specifically for carpet can make your carpet fibers brittle, eventually rotting them out over time.  Not only will your carpet feel stiff, but your carpet will also simply fall apart after repeated cleanings, even though you only had the good intention of keeping it clean.

4.     Hard Water.  This is actually the most typical cause of crunchy carpet after cleaning. Where Cleancare of Boulder is based, most homes have hard water.   Hard water is a result of the dissolved minerals calcium, magnesium and manganese. If you have hard water, you will see spots on your dishes and shower doors, bathtub rings, soap scum in sinks and clogged pipes and water heaters. You also may notice that laundered clothing looks dingy or even yellow because of soapy residues.  You actually need to put them through extra rinse cycles.  The same will happen with carpet cleaning with hard water.  Cleaning products will not work as well and will not be rinsed out, causing very noticeable, crunchy carpet. To combat this problem, Cleancare of Boulder uses the blue water softener system pictured above.  This is located in our truck and we run the water from your home through this before it goes into our cleaning machine and heated to 250 degrees for cleaning. This system works by exchanging positively charged hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) with positively charged softness minerals (sodium or potassium) on a resin surface that is regenerated. This exchange of minerals softens the water making it perfect for cleaning your carpet. Soft water combined with professional expertise, advanced carpet cleaning products and equipment, as well as proper neutralizing and rinsing will make for the fluffiest, softest and most thoroughly clean carpet ever!  And crunchy, stiff carpet will be just an unpleasant memory.

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