Why Should You Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO?

When people find out I own a professional carpet cleaning company, the first question that is often asked is "Why should you hire a professional carpet cleaner in Boulder, CO when you can just rent a machine and do it yourself?"


My response is usually to ask them if they have, in fact, ever cleaned carpet themselves.  If they have, I ask them first, if they enjoyed doing it and second, if they were happy with the results. I have NEVER talked with anyone who enjoyed cleaning carpet themselves.  Loading that rental machine from the store in and out of the car and then back into the car to the store again.  Dragging it across the carpet over and over.  Sweating profusely from the back breaking work and the high humidity the machine produces. And then, after returning the machine to the store, they arrive back at their home and see spots and soil returning as the carpet dries. Well... maybe "carpet dries" is an optimistic statement.  I've heard it takes days for carpet to dry from a rug doctor type rental machine. And I have not even addressed those affordable home carpet cleaning machines. Be honest- those machines NEVER return your carpet to a like new appearance.  They may take out some spots and spills, but....

The reason you call a professional like me is because I have the powerful, hot water extraction machine, top of the line cleaning products that are made to deep clean and prolong carpet life, as well as years of expertise in removing soil and various stains.

For advanced or extreme soiling to be removed from your carpet fibers, you need the hottest water possible. The specially treated soft water that we use is heated to 250 degrees through a catalytic converter on our industrial engine in our cleaning machine. A rug doctor machine cannot possibly reach temperatures anywhere near that.  In fact, because it is limited by an electric power source, water temps top out at 118 degrees. That's a full 130 degrees lower than our hot, gas powered machine. Put another way, our cleaning solution is over twice as hot as a rug doctor type machine's. And the vacuum lift for removing soil and water is not even comparable. One cleaning pass with our machine removes as much moisture as 15 to 20 passes of a rental machine.

We use top of the line cleaning products that are specifically designed for carpet soil removal.  The chemicals that come with a rental machine are not much better than laundry detergent.  The weak vacuum power of the rug doctor machine leaves much of that soap in the carpet to attract more dirt with it's sticky residue.  Suds are great for a washing machine, but not so much for carpet.  We also have stain specific cleaning solutions for every stain in your home.  A rental machine comes with one spot remover, if you are lucky.  But when you call us, if you have a coffee stain, we have a specific remover for that.  If it's ink, we have a specific remover for that.  If it's chocolate, red wine, urine, gum, beer, blood, tar, vomit, soda, milk.... we have specific spot removers for all of those and many others!

So, why should you hire a professional carpet cleaner in Boulder, CO? We have over 18 years of cleaning experience and have been awarded Master Textile Cleaner status by the IICRC.  We have seen most every situation and know how to solve your particular carpet cleaning problem. We know what to do , how to do it and have the equipment and cleaning products to give you the most thorough carpet cleaning possible. So don't spend another back breaking day lugging around a rental machine.  Taking all day to drag it all over your house while creating a soaking wet, mold inducing mess is not good utilization of your time. Call a professional carpet cleaner from Cleancare of Boulder and you'll get like-new, fresh smelling, fluffy soft carpet.  And you'll also get a smile on your face and maybe even a spring in your step!

If you have any questions about why you should hire a professional carpet cleaner in Boulder, CO, call Cleancare of Boulder at Ph.: 303-530-0646.